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Empowerment Practice with Families in Distress

This book integrates time-honored empowerment approaches with today's goals, mindful of what empowerment can and cannot do. Synthesizing strengths perspectives and theories of systems, coping, and family well-being, the author addresses interventions that work with today's families in need. Narrative illustrations bring concepts to life through the accounts of family members who describe their own experiences with achieving empowerment.

Publisher: Columbia University Press

Trauma Transformed

Trauma Transformed, a nominee for the Robert Wood Johnson Exemplary Publication Award, is an overview of the spectrum of trauma and trauma treatment. It covers a wide array of presenting issues and provides professionals with approaches necessary for successful interventions. Personal narratives of resilience and healing after devastating events such as childhood abuse, discrimination in the workplace, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks bring to life the voices of those most directly affected. Filled with timely, highly relevant, and scholarly discussions, this book has been reviewed as a must-read for all those who work with trauma survivors.

Publisher: Columbia University Press

Called to Greatness: Edna Baldwin, Playwright and Peacemaker

Born in 1900 in suburban Chicago, Edna Aikin Baldwin rose to heights of scholarship, dramatic stage production, human rights advocacy, and world travel uncommon for women of her time. Her play, "Ba Thane," was published in 1931 and was based on her work in Burma during the 1920s. In 1932, she produced an outdoor extravaganza in Rangoon that was attended by nearly eighteen thousand people. She returned to the United States in 1933 and became the co-founder of one of the nation's first intercultural peace organizations. 

This work is the recipient of the 2015 Mayborn Fellowship in Biography.